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Resin Coating

Elgin Picture & Frame is your resin coating specialist for all types of artworks. We are located in Toronto.

Resin Coating Toronto

Resin Coating Services

Elgin Picture & Frame has over 39 years of experience in resin coating. We coat your paintings, photographs and other artworks with thick, clear and glossy resin. Our resin is extremely strong and ensures that your artworks are protected. Tell us about your requirements and we’ll fulfill all your needs.

“Thick, clear and glossy resin”

Picture Framing

Elgin Picture & Frame also specializes in picture framing services. No matter how small or big your painting or artwork is, we guarantee high-quality framing results on all projects. Our experts have the required skills and expertise to frame almost any kind of artwork professionally and efficiently.

“High-quality framing results on all projects”

Our services also include:

  • Framing
  • Stretching canvas
  • Artwork cleaning
  • Damaged artwork repairs
  • Shadow box framing

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