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Shadow Box Framing

Elgin Picture & Frame offers a variety of frames for your shadow box framing needs throughout Toronto.

Shadow Box Framing Toronto

Shadow Box Frames

Preserve and showcase your precious artworks by getting them shadow box framed at Elgin Picture & Frame. We boast a wide selection of frames available in varying sizes, colors and designs and are able to frame paintings, posters, sports jerseys, memorable possessions, and any other artwork.

“Wide selection of frames”

Elegant Framing Services

Walk-in our shop at Elgin Picture & Frame to have a look at our elegant frames! Our team would be happy to walk you through our inventory and provide you with expert assistance and advice. We personalize our services to meet your individual requirements.

We offer discounted framing services to walk-in customers.

“Discounted framing services to walk-in customers”

We offer framing services for:

  • Embroideries/needlepoints
  • Sports jerseys
  • Pictures
  • Posters
  • Oil paintings
  • Canvas paintings
  • Fine art prints
  • Artworks
  • Photography
  • Museum displays
  • Family photos
  • Memorabilia
  • Ornamental and historical objects
  • War metals

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